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Raven Rocks

Raven Rocks is a cave/gorge area that is a local gem that is on private land that has recently been placed under a conservation easement with Captina Conservancy.

Raven Rocks   Beallsville, Ohio (1).jpg

 For generations, Raven Rocks has been a favorite place for hikes and outings. “The Raven Rock,” as old-timers called the largest and most accessible of its dramatic ravines and rock formations, have been the chief attraction. That seems to have been true at least as far back as the year 760 A.D., when, according to Kent State University archaeologists, Indians began a 200-year period of regular use of The Raven Rock for what appear to have been ceremonial purposes.
        Who visited the ravines, and for what purposes for the next thousand years, we can only guess. But we do know that for many, many years, as Elsa Harper has described in her book, An Enchanted Childhood at Raven Rocks, which focuses on the early years of the 20th century, Raven Rocks was a favorite place for people from miles around to gather on Sunday afternoons. It was their custom to go to church prepared with picnic lunches, and head for the ravines when the services were over. In good weather the parking area above The Raven Rock was busy with their horses and buggies.

The video below is of some really nice drone footage that highlights the beauty of Raven Rocks.

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