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Monroe County has some of the best hunting in the region.  There are numerous hunting options for you including ample public lands to hunt.

wnf hunting2.jpg
wnf hunting.jpg

Wayne National Forest

Where Hunting is Allowed hunting opportunities abound on the Wayne National Forest. There are a variety of species to be hunted, and hunting experiences vary from remote walk-in areas to accessible lands near roads. The choice is yours.

Generally hunting is allowed anywhere on Wayne National Forest Land with a few exceptions. Hunting is not allowed in or within 150 yards of a residence, building, campsite, developed recreation site or occupied area (campgrounds, picnic areas, parking areas, designated swimming areas, and trailheads).

Other areas to hunt are:

Monroe Lake Wildlife Area

Consol Energy Powhatan Point

Wildlife Agreement Area

Sunfish Creek State Forest

Ales Run Wildlife Area

Egypt Valley Wildlife Area


These are some great hunting resources including WNF mapping

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